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Modification to MoGas

Costs saving in the range of tens of EURs per flight hour. We offer now this opportunity to the operators of ZLINs of 40 series through a conversion of engines of their a/c to burning the MoGas.

We want to meet the needs of costs reduction mainly of flight schools and aeroclubs which operate large fleets and which welcome such a conversion.

Technical adaption allows burning both types of fuel without increasing the fuel burn or reducing the engine output or flight characteristics of ZLIN a/c.

Mogas 95can be used for Z42, Z43 and Z142 in operation mode “normal”.

The transition is performed by Original ZLIN Service centre

The fuel system must be adapted for the purpose. The price covers the work, a set of special hoses and other parts. It also includes a fuel sticker with an authorizing graphic identification and wording “Adapted for MoGas 95”. A bonus is in a form of a number of possible discounts as well as a guarantee of the best care by qualified technicians with provision of exclusively certified spare parts. Before this adaptation a 100fh check A of the a/c needs to be carried out during which our technicians assess the status of the a/c.

All the information related to the modification of the fuel system can be found in the bulletin. In order to use the service please register and log in.

PDF More information about MoGas (405 KB)

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