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Dear business partners, it is our privilege to invite you to visit International Fair FAMEX 2019, April 24 - 27, 2019, Military Air Base in Santa Lucia, Mexico.

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Dear Business Partners, Let us express our thanks for your cooperation and wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2019!

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An access map describes the following table:

Access / User Web Registration without fee Registration with fee
Certificates X X X
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Spare parts catalogue X X X
Bulletins - - X
Order Forms - X X

The basic registration is free of charge and it can be carried out here.

Registration - user

For the successful registration it is necessary to fill all information with the symbol *. You will be informed by e-mail when your registration becomes activate. A password, contact address, billing address and other additional information can be changed in your PROFILE.

If you are planning to use the Safe-life monitoring of your aircraft, it is necessary to state an e-mail address, where there results will be sent.

If you are planning to use the order forms for spare parts, services, training etc., it is necessary to state an e-mail address, where there processed offers will be sent.

Registration with fee

When the registration fee is paid, then the user has the access to the actual technical documentation and to the bulletin service. The requirement for the access to the registered section can be sent from your PROFILE. The access is valid for one year.

Order forms

For ordering of spare parts, service or training you can use our order forms menu. It is necessary to state an e-mail address in your PROFILE, where there processed offers will be sent.


Safe-life service is using for safe-life monitoring of ZLIN aircraft (series Z 40 and Z 50). For the Safe-life monitoring some requirements must be filled:

  • The aircraft is equipped by an registration accelerometer AMU1
  • The user has registered the aircraft for monitoring
  • The user is sending the AMU data to aircraft manufacturer regularly

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