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Inspection and testing used in quality assurance department

  • Measuring of dimensions by common length gauges (slide gage, gauge , micrometer)
  • Measuring of material thickness by ultrasonic method - instrument DMS–2
  • Metrological checks of air, hydraulic fluid and oil-pressure gauges up to positive pressure of 30 Mpa by piston pressure gage ZT 300 for internal need
  • Operation tests of aircraft panel instruments
    • mechanical engine counter up to 4 000 c.r.p.m
    • on barometric pressure changes
    • gyroscope (Czech manufacturer)
  • Measuring of electric quantities
    • Measuring of insulation strength until breakdown using a power supply up to 4 kV
    • Measuring of currents and voltages
    • Measuring of capacitance of condensator
    • Measuring of resistance
  • Non-destructive testing of materials
    • Magnetic detection of metallurgical products (bars, tubes , weldments) using DENTROLUX UH 750
    • Magnetic crack detector – parts up to dia. 200mm and length max. 700mm
    • Medium used is a petroleum suspension FRAMAGNETO No. 11
  • Dye penetrant flaw detection of steel and Al – alloys
    • parts up to 2 500mm, weight 30kg
    • penetrant ARDROX 970 P23
    • powdered developer 9D4A
  • Other technologies
    • Hardness testing per Brinell , Vickers and Rockwell
    • Measuring of conductivity of Al – alloys by instrument SIGMATEST 2.068D
    • Erichsen cupping test
    • strength test – tensile strength test up to 200kN
    • Check weighing of aircraft – stationary scale : 2 x 2 500kg , 1 x 800kg
    • Measuring of radio-navigation equipment characteristic of aircraft by NAV 402AP and ATC 600 A simulator
    • Measuring of power by continuous instrument NAUS-3
    • Measuring of anodize thickness – coating of Al-alloys
    • Measuring of electrolytic thickness – coating of steel
    • Measuring of surface thickness - coating of steel and Al- alloys
    • Calibration of working gauges
    • Surface roughness measuring by instrument HOMEL TESTER T 100
    • Measuring of roughness by instrument MITUTOYO SJ-301, diameter 2.8mm
    • Testing of corrosion resistance in salt spray ( fog ), chamber, length = 1 000mm

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