IFR6000 - Avionic Testing

Instruments and Avionic testing

Instruments and Avionic testing

Original ZLIN Service Centrum offers complete testing of avionic, engine and flightinstruments according to the requirements of aircraft manufacturers or CAA-TI -011-5/97, App.E.

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ZLIN Service Centrum disposes by new equipment the IFR 6000 tester. It is the last device of the whole family testers used by ZLIN Service Centrum for testing of transponders mod A/C/S and DME systems.

The whole packet of testers consists of various devices such as NAV 402AP used for testing of VOR, ILS, Marker stations, NAUS 3 used for testing of COM stations or BARFIELD 1811 used for testing and calibration of pressure systems and instruments.

EASA Form 1 certificate issuance is granted by the ZLIN Service Centrum.

The ground testing of navigation equipment and instruments is performed by ZLIN Service Centrum in any event when the current circumstance required.

Testing of flight instruments:

* barometric instruments (metric, imperial units) :

  • Speed indicator
  • Altimeter
  • VSI
  • Testing of altitude systems under CAA-TI-011-5/97, App.E

* Gyroscopic instruments:

  • Artificial horizon
  • Direction indicator
  • Turn indicator/coordinator

* Airplane gages:

  • Temperature gage
  • Pressure gage
  • Fuel tank gage
  • Electricity gages

* Navigation Instruments and Avionic:

  • Transponder mod A/C/S
  • COM station
  • VOR-ILS station
  • MKR station
  • DME station

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